quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Note about the video "The Beauty of Pixar"

Note: The original video was deleted by Vimeo.

I leave my apologies to those who like to watch the video in highest quality picture and sound, but unfortunately my hands are tied on this.

Other people took video and posted on several other websites, like youtube. But the version are just a reencoding of the Vimeo's version, so the quality has been decreased a lot. I don't did the re-upload of the video.

Leandro Copperfield.

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  1. Dont worry dude, you're great. Wait for an aswer or put the video in youtube :D
    Good luck with the vimeo's answer
    and im sorry for my bad english

  2. I'm so angry about Vimeo. You don't deserve that.

    Here my post about this absurd situation:

    and sorry for my bad english too.

  3. Video was incredible. Why can't it just be enjoyed! Thank you!

  4. Don't sweat it my friend; look what 'Alice' did for Pogo! His story started the same as yours. In the end he got a year of work from Pixar, and when that contract expired 'Alice' was back to the world with a Dizney blessing. http://www.pogomix.net/
    Push On! You have Fans now! Your work is tops among a few peers in a new and exciting field. Please don't stop. The world would be a poorer place without your talent.

    JohnnyValet http://vimeo.com/user3735387

  5. http://vimeo.com/18334376

  6. Excelentisimo trabajo por alguien que ama el cine como muchos de nosostros gracias

  7. Your skill to edit is amazing, your videos are fantastic. Make me love movies even more. Don't stop!

  8. Your videos are fuckin' great, man.

    Truly inspired

  9. You have an excellent taste for movies. Your time and feeling for editing are outstanding, I really love your work.

  10. parabéns pelo seu blog e pelas suas edições! Eu adoro aquele do Pixar! Sem dúvida, são as melhores animações do cinema atual. Assisti no Youtube. abraços e continue assim!

  11. Leandro, your pixar's video make me relived my entire childhood in 7 min. :’)

  12. I went through a wide range of emotions while watching your videos from nostalgia to happiness to sadness and back around. I love how way you put love these videos. Kubrick vs Scorsese is my favorite. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Leandro,
    make more videos, please. I love all you do.

  14. wonserfull, very nice ! you're graet
    thank you very much ! All of your works are beautiful but my favorite is Pixar.
    good vibrations ! thank you so !
    Elis (France)

  15. My last article is for you :) We love what you did with all these movies :)